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Easter Turkey

22 Oct

Easter Sunday 2003- my husband and I were driving in Mississippi and he went in the back to sleep. He knew we’d be on the interstate and I’d be okay even though I only had 5-6 months experience. About 30 minutes after he gets in the back he hears this massive CRACK.  When I was driving along, minding my own business, a turkey comes out of nowhere on my passenger side, flies over the hood and smacks dead in the centre of the windshield and sticks his tongue out at me before dropping dead below the view of the windshield. He bused both sides of the windshield and even managed to stop the clock inside the truck as well as blow out a small light. We called the company and they didn’t even believe us! We had to take pictures to prove it. Worst of all my husband is the one that had to get the turkey off the hood.  It wasn’t pretty.


Tall, dark….and terrifying

20 Oct

Now I don’t believe in ghost stories, but early one morning at about 3am I was westbound on a deserted two lane road going about 40 mph when out of nowhere this freakishly tall figure of a man in a black buttoned up coat long to the floor was just standing in the middle of the road. He had to have been 6’7”- he was tall! I didn’t even have time to stop it caught me so off guard. My partner and I just watched as he didn’t even flinch when the rig passed him by- and we must have missed him by only a few centimetres. When we looked behind us he was gone. We both just looked at each other and screamed ‘did you see that?!’ I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days…

Accidental kidnapping

20 Oct

I was out tramping one time when I hit it off with a lovely waitress at a truck stop. We ended up going back to my cab. The next morning I woke up quite groggy, got straight into the driver’s seat and started to pull back on to the motorway. I almost had a heart attack when I heard her ask what I was doing! I totally forgot she was there. She probably thought I was going to kidnap her!

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