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HGV Bonanza!!!

20 Jun

OK, so the title was a lie, but it’s been a little quiet on here for a while and hey, why not capture the imagination a bit? We’ve been concentrating on other projects, but we’d still love to hear about all your trucking stories. We really want to hear your trucking stories – because sometimes they’re ridiculously funny. Remember that button in the top right? Hit it and tell us your own trucking tales.

Anyway, we’ve been looking at some driving jobs¬†and, more specifically, hgv jobs. You can’t get trucking tales without doing some trucking, right? It’s good to see how recession-proof the market’s been. So I’ll leave you a with a funny video and, until next time, keep trucking!


Welcome to Trucker’s tales!

19 Sep

Welcome to the Trucker’s tales blog. This is a place for truckers, drivers, or anyone who works on the road to share their stories, whether they’re funny, strange, scary, or all the above.

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