Cows on the motorway

19 Oct

One time a truck hauling cattle in front of me had to stop because their trailer brakes caught on fire. The truck’s driver let all the cattle out on the motor way while they tried to put out the fire. Cows were all over the place! Took them 3 hours to coral up all the cows- they were all around my truck. Made me crave a nice steak  🙂


What IS that smell?

18 Oct

When I worked in the states I had to haul large barrels of dry roasted seasoning to a peanut factory in Arkansas.  The seasoning was super strong and reeked of chicken stock cubes. Every service station or truck stop I visited I’d see people wrinkle their noses and ask each other ‘what is that smell??’ Sad part is I smelled like stock cubes too! Makes it damn hard to pick up a woman when you smell like a doggie treat!

Welcome to Trucker’s tales!

19 Sep

Welcome to the Trucker’s tales blog. This is a place for truckers, drivers, or anyone who works on the road to share their stories, whether they’re funny, strange, scary, or all the above.

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